• Stepsbyrock


  • Ballen31

    A little too much profanity, but I love how you kept it real!  I’m a black women in my mid 30’s and I agree with everything you said. 

  • Justforfunmarle


  • KBJr.

    I don’t have any respect for
    her because she 1) couldn’t answer the questions and 2) allowed for him
    to scream at her and disrespect her. She embarrassed herself. Now HE was obnoxious and hateful. Very unprofessional.

  • Anonymous

    Sellout republican negroes like her should be cursed out,ridiculed and kicked in the ass!!

  • easybreezy123

    BROTHER, do NOT change your show one iota!!!! Do your show the way you do it, you’ve got  my TOTALl support!!!