George Zimmerman Suffered Broken Bone in Trayvon Martin Scuffle, Lawyer Says













George Zimmerman suffered some significant injuries in the fatal confrontation with Trayvon Martin, his lawyer claimed to the media.

Craig Sonner, Zimmerman’s legal adviser, said that Zimmerman suffered a broken nose and a head wound in the violent altercation that ended in Trayvon’s killing. The statement marks the first public relations offensive by Zimmerman’s camp to counterattack the nationwide uproar to have him arrested and prosecuted.

Sonner also said that an unidentified witnessed claims that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman at one point in the tussle, attempting to corroborate Zimmerman s claims that Trayvon was the aggressor.

There are, however, a couple of troubling aspects to Zimmerman’s lawyer’s strategy to paint Trayvon as the aggressor. First, there was nothing in Zimmerman s 911 call that could be construed that he felt was threatened or intimidated by Trayvon.  Also, the call clearly indicated that Trayvon was trying to evade Zimmerman s pursuit, which is why Zimmerman expressed his concerns that another (expletive) would “get away.”  Thirdly, there were no claims that Martin had pursued, chased, or threatened George Zimmerman while he was on the phone with 911. Actually, if Zimmerman had obeyed a police order not to pursue Trayvon, he would be alive today.

Another stickler in these sudden revelations? Sonner says that he has yet to even see his client, Zimmerman, and only has spoken to him on the phone thus far. Therefore Sonner has not had a first-hand account of Zimmerman s alleged injuries.

What else did the lawyer say? Zimmerman could not have been a racist who had it out for blacks, Sonner claims, because Zimmerman and his wife were mentors two African American teenagers, ages 13 and 14.

“And in this — I talked with the mother of the two children.  And she indicated — I asked her, you know, did he make comments to you that indicated he was a racist?  And she said, no.  And she is African-American,” Sonner explained to Anderson Cooper. “And for the things he’s done, you know, as far as taking the children to the mall, you know, he took them to the mall, took them to the science center.  Did the kind of outings to help, you know, to help the children have time out to be a friend to them.  I don’t believe that’s the indication of a person that is a racist to do that.”

But when pressed about the 911 recording that some say they hear Zimmerman using a racial slur before confronting Trayvon, the attorney said that he has yet to listen to the recordings. Conner also admitted that he hasn t seen the official police report yet, either.

Well, it doesn’t look like Sonner has done much of anything to this point, expect act as Zimmerman’s PR mouthpiece.

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  1. Some new network needs to show how hard it is to get one kill shot to the chest with your nose broken let alone your head bashed in the concrete. If Zimmerman really was badly injured as he claims then they would take pictures. Just from  Zimmerman’s 911 recording and his claims of broken nose with no pictures makes him look guilty.

  2. Let’s see proof of Zimmerman’s supposed “injuries”

    What is he hiding ??

    I don’t find his story that a 250+pound grown man could get knocked down and have his head bashed by a 140 lb skinny kid

  3. where are the photos of Zimmerman’s injuries and also medical treatment papers for the broken  nose and head injuries. When you put out these type of reports, you must have the paper work to validate it. I am still questioning the fact as to how does an aggressive person who follows and approaches another person in a intimidating way with a weapon, become the “VICTIM” when and feared for his life, then shoots the very person he stalks!  I truly puzzled by this understanding from the definition of how this is perceived.

  4. Exactly, did polic take pictures of these injuries? And if they were fighting…etc why did he have to shoot him. Throw the gun and fight em like a man!!!!!! This thug needs to be ARRESTED and have his day in court!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That is why the  911 dispatcher told Zimmerman not to follow the kid anymore. A scuffle happens then a kid beats up a 28 year old man. 28 year old man shoots Kid. 

    The whole situation could have been avoided if Zimmerman was not dead set on vigilante justice. I’ve read the full 911 transcript and clearly Zimmerman was the aggressor, playing neighborhood cop. 

  6. In previous articles its stated that George Zimmerman had three prior arrests including, domestic violence, resisting an officer without violence, and resisting with violence. Just on the domestic violence alone, he should not have been allowed to carry a weapon. Also the fact that his father was a former judge shows that preferential treatment had been given. Specifically noting that his arrests were closed. Simply put, the facts are there, yet nothing, so much as an official arrest has been done. Why?

  7. Joannie
    Show us the pictures of your injuries, Mr. Zimmerman’s , we the public want to see them. You see you can run but you can’t hide. Your father will not be able to protect you this time, there is a God above who see and know all things. The wrong will fail, but the right will prevail. And God is no respector of persons.

  8. If someone I didn’t know was following and harassing me, I’m going to either run or fight back! So, yes, he should have beat the living mess out of Zimmerman! If Zimmerman’s crazy behind wasn’t profiling him in the first place, we would not be talking about this. He wanted to be a cop and when he couldn’t pass the tests to be one, he wanted to practice on his own anyway! He’s a loser and his day of reckoning will come whether it’s here on Earth or in his after life! He’s going to have to answer to someone for his actions. Look at his record and tell me who the aggressor really was! He didn’t even have respect for the law so, come on now! Stop being naive and lock his behind up! It’s past time he answers for his wrongdoings! If the shoe was on the other foot and Zimmerman was killed that night, Trayvon would be in jail and you know it…especially after he was told not to follow him!

  9. So what?? Even if he did suffer a broken nose, am I supposed to feel sorry for him?! If anything, that broken nose nose came from Trayvon trying to defend himself against a grown man accusing him of being suspicious. I’d defend myself too if some stranger approached me like that. Save your breath, lawyer, your efforts to try and defend this guy are pointless. Besides, I haven’t seen any pictures at all.

  10. if he was so badly injured why do we not see that on any of the surveillance footage from when he was taken to the police station after the shooting. he is clean and has no injuries at all in the footage. 

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