Will New Reality Show Ruin Mary Mary’s Marriages? Duo Speaks Out

The phrase ‘reality show’ conjures thoughts of hair-pulling, name calling, and couple-splitting, so there was a collective gasp in the gospel community when the news broke about Mary Mary’s new reality show, ‘Mary Mary.’

The new show, Mary, Mary, will shadow the three-time Grammy Award artists Tina and Erica Campbell as they balance fame and family. The show chronicles the twists and turns as the sisters release their sixth album, Something Big, and Tina’s pregnancy.

Rolling out caught up with the duo to find out what toll, if any, the reality show has on their personal relationships.

Was there a fear of opening your entire life and putting it on TV? Specifically, how that would affect your family unit?


“I’ve watched reality shows where people are married with children and when the season is over, they’re getting divorced. We made sure that we were good before the show started; there was nothing that Tina was going to find out that she didn’t know already.

“We sat down with everybody to make sure we were okay with this step, that we would tell our truth to the whole wide world. It was most important that our relationships, our family, we were all intact, and that we stayed intact. We’re also executive producers on the show, so our voice matters.”

Is fashion important for you as Gospel artists? There’s such a thin line between sexy and sassy.


“We like to be stylish, we don’t promote our sexuality, but we’re women, of course we don’t want to look unsexy. We want to make sure that we’re always women of style, that we always look good when we step out and our stylist helps us with that.”

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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