George Fraser and Lisa Nichols Join 1209 Affair Successnet for a sold out event at Brooklyn’s Crystal Manor

Successnet and the 1209 Affair had such a powerful event at Crystal Manor that it seemed like all of Flatbush Avenue was saying YES. YES!! The legend himself, the king of networking and originator of the phrase “your network is your net worth”, Mr George Fraser shared some words of wisdom before he introduced best-selling author Lisa Nichols.

Once Nichols had the mic in her hand, she set the room on fire as she gave just a small glimpse of why she is America’s Queen of personal transformation. Her keynote was not only engaging and inspiring, educational and uplifting, but was able to touch each person in the room exactly “where they were” to clearly see some of the things in their lives that may be keeping them from their greatness. For some, it was a powerful gut check as she forced them to look in the mirror. She told the crowd that if they join her for her actual multiple session series during the upcoming  Frasernet Conference in Dallas June 28-30 that they better be ready to face their fears and keep it real as it will be very intense and uncomfortable at times while she transforms you into a greater you than you even envisioned for yourself. She will help you let all of your God given talents flow out as you walk in your purpose. YES, YES!!


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