Celebrity Women Who Look Better Bigger

I still remember the upturned noses and comments that many females made when the late legendary crooner Luther Vandross shed sizable chunks from his rotund frame so abruptly. While they applauded his and Freddie Jackson’s attentiveness to their health and weight, many said the two didn’t look natural, that they appeared gaunt and sickly.

I wouldn’t go so far with the following celebrity women, but most urban males prefer women with a few extra layers attached to their shapely physiques. They also believe that, in an effort to get trim, that some may have taken the quest too far. There is a reason why the most popular black men’s magazines have an almost singular focal point – the protruding posterior. While most have become cognizant of the perils of obesity in this day and age and therefore laud the ladies who keep their frames fit, they also feel like that track in Sir Mix-a-Lot’s classic song that won’t go away: “You can do side bends and sit-ups/but please don’t lose that butt.”

Below are the celeb women who men prefer maintain a little thickness.

–terry shropshire

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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  1. And what do you look like?! It’s hard enough being a woman in a society where Nicki Minaj is the standard of black beauty. The fake boobs, ass, eyes, hair, nails and lightened skin. This is why women are dying to have injected asses, lipo’d stomachs and losing hair to wear lace front wigs. How about let everyone be their healthiest and let us feel sexy in our bodies as they are.

  2. Amen, Silver_spoon. How is this any different from the glorification of stick-thinness? 

    And that sentence should read “Queen Barbie DOESN’T…”. So so so sick of the complaints about stereotyping us as less educated, then we go out of our way to reinforce the stereotype. Please use proper English.

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