Mary J. Blige and Burger King have caught flack for a commercial where she sings about the fast food chain’s new fried chicken wrap. In the 30-second ad, Blige performs on a stage that’s placed inside of a Burger King. Some have viewed that ad as racist and believes it reinforces negative stereotypes.

However, Blige is the only black celebrity promoting Burger King’s new menu. Other celebs who will participate in the campaign include David Beckham, Salma Hayek and Jay Leno.

While the factor of racism is debatable, it’s clear that the commercial is obnoxious and poorly written.

American businesses have a history of using racially charged ads to sell products. Here are 20 ignorant advertisements that reinforce racial stereotypes.

A.R. Shaw

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  • RobertW

    So what!  Why can’t people say they like something without someone using the race card?  Good grief!  What is wrong with liking chicken?

  • Tonyaalston65