Models Tiffany and Chekesha Sign on for NBC’S New Reality Show ‘Escape Routes’

Names: Tiffany and Chekesha

Occupations: Models

Reality Show: “Escape Routes” Saturdays 8 EST/7 CST on NBC

How did you ladies get involved with the show?

We heard about the casting and emailed our info into the show. The executive producer contacted us back and wanted to meet with us the next week. We ended up being in the running for America’s Choice [online voting] and won! So we started the show as the “wild card” team.


How can people sign up to be on your team?

You can go to the Escape Routes website and sign up  to “JOIN” the YELLOW TEAM. Also people need to know that when we win challenges because of our virtual team mates, they can also win prizes as well. So it’s a win-win situation.

Where do you hope to take your career after reality stardom?
Well, before the show we already had successful careers, we just hope this experience furthers our modeling and acting careers. There may be more shows coming up in the future, so everyone will just have to cross their fingers and wait.

What will you do if you win?

Shopping and trips of course! But we want to use the money to help out our families, but most importantly we will use it to fund our non-profit charity in our Hometown of Houston. [The Foundation] is designed to encourage and empower young girls with low self confidence to see the beauty in themselves.

For more information please visit: [email protected]


Alexandria Green
Alexandria Green

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