Whitney Houston’s Performing Arts Academy Underwhelmed by Celebrity Donations; Jay-Z and Beyoncé Give Only $10,000

An accountant for the Whitney E. Houston Academy of Creative and Performing Arts is expressing disappointment over the underwhelming number of donations given to the school named for the late music icon.

Felicie Desroches, an accountant in the school district business administrator’s office, tells The Star Ledger that only $40,613 has been donated to the academy since Whitney’s February passing.
According to the accountant, the biggest donation came from Sony Music for $25,000 followed by a check from Shawn Carter that listed a Miami address and a typed note that read,”On behalf of Jay-Z and Beyonce.”

The check was for a mere $10,000.

“She had so many fans. I thought it would have been more,” Desroches said about the donations.

Principal Henry Hamilton however told The Ledger he’s happy with the donations and will use it to setup scholarships.

  1. How much did her daughter donate? what about her mom or sis in law/brother? Clive Davis? Yeah I thought so…..folk need to stop throwing shade on the Carters

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