Bobbi Kristina Coming to a Reality Show Near You: 5 Other Stars Who Deserve Reality Shows

It looks like Bobbi Kristina is following in the footsteps of her famous parents. After landing a role on a Tyler Perry sitcom, Krissy has now reached a verbal deal for her own reality show with a major cable network.

According to RadarOnline, the verbal deal will soon be finalized on paper and the show is expected to be nothing short of controversial.

“This show is being done against her family’s advice,” said a source, adding that the series is likely to be a “train wreck” because of Krissy’s ongoing drug and alcohol addictions.

Bobbi was reportedly in talks to have her own reality show last year, but after the death of her mother, Whitney Houston, the cable network’s interest in Bobbi was piqued and they believe public curiosity about her life will draw in huge ratings.

However, the source claims that Krissy is worried she will end up the butt of public joke and ire like her mother.

“Bobbi is scared the world will label her just like her mother,” said a source close to the project said, adding that she is “obviously very wild and misguided.”

That wild side allegedly made it’s way into the meeting room with network executives, when Bobbi appeared to be inebriated.

“She was slurring her words and said: ‘I will show the world I am not my mother and will not walk in her shoes down her path,’ then seconds later would mutter, ‘My mother was just normal, completely normal, someone who did normal things. She just listened to all the wrong people — and did the wrong things.’ ”

The show is expected to feature several “hangers on” who were around Whitney and even Krissy’s reported fiancé, Nick Gordon. And though Krissy’s family disapproves, she allegedly told one source, “something good may as well come out of all this bad stuff.”

Well, if Bobbi Kris really does get her own reality, weh have a sneaking suspicion that it very well may end up a “train wreck” on film. Luckily for her, TV viewers like dramatic train wrecks. But she’s not the only dramalicious celeb we’d like to see on reality TV. Check out five more below.

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