Jada Pinkett Smith is finally speaking out on the ongoing rumors that she’s divorcing her husband Will Smith. The rumor mill has been swirling for months that the Hollywood couple was not only divorcing but living apart, Jada with their 11-year-old daughter, Willow, and Will with their 13-year-old son, Jaden. According to Pinket Smith, however,  they’re apart because of their busy schedules, not because of marital issues.

“These rumors are completely untrue. I’m traveling a lot because of my work, as does Will. And the fact that I’m accompanying our daughter, Willow, on her trips, while Will spends time with our son, Jaden, doesn’t make things easier,” she told Gala France.

“But our way of living hasn’t changed. Before the children, we were already away from each other quite often because of our work.”

Pinkett Smith also made sure to add that she and Will are secure in their marriage because they know the truth.

“Every year, a celebrity couple is on the radar. This year, unluckily, it’s us! I almost want to say that we should have been expecting it,” she said. “But Will and I know the truth. We are waiting peacefully for when the storm ends.”

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