Audiologist, Dental Hygienist and Other Best Jobs of 2012

On Friday, April 13, we brought you the worst jobs of the year, so today let’s take a look at the best.

Career Cast’s coveted list dubbed a lumberjack as the worst job of the year, followed closely by a dairy farmer and a military solider.

For the best list, keep in mind once again salary, physical labor, stress level and declining opportunities are all contributing factors.

Here are the 10 best jobs of 2012.

-danielle canada

  1. Please allow this woman to rest in peace. What happened to responsible journalism? Oh, thats right I forgot; this is what people thrive on and where they unwisely invest their hard earned money and time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. as a hygienist, I would argue with the “too much demand, no enough
    supply” quote. yes, more hygienists are needed, especially in public
    health, but the jobs aren’t there right now. when I temped in Colorado, a
    dentist I filled in for told me he could easily expect 150 applications
    for a single open position. many of us work part time, no benefits, and
    are constantly on the hunt for more work. when you love what you do,
    it’s tolerable, but I would advise someone to talk to hygienists about
    the job outlook before choosing hygiene just for money.

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