Future might have been on the cover of the inaugural issue of XXL magazine but he is by no means a newbie. The younger cousin of Rico Wade, co-founder of rap and production collectives Dungeon Family and Organized Noize ( TLC, OutKast, Goodie Mob), Future has already released nine mixtapes and had more than a couple of hits on Billboard’s Top 100, including an appearance on YC’s hit record “Racks.” Originally expected earlier this year, Future’s major-label debut, Pluto, is set to be released  today as the first rap release to appear on Epic since L.A. Reid stepped in as chairman and CEO in July of 2011.

Future signed with Epic last fall. Joining the re-formed label under Reid felt like the perfect way to launch his career. “If you sign to a major label, you don’t want to be on a big roster and be forgotten about,” says the 25-year-old rapper. “So just having that support is key.”

Benny Pough, executive VP of urban music at Epic, insists that Future earned his deal by virtue of his own merit, not family ties. “What Future exudes himself is what got him signed,” Pough says. “It’s great that he’s a prodigy of the Dungeon Family, but Future, like all of the guys, is an independent star.”

The album is loaded with notable tracks and appearances, including Snoop Dogg, T.I. and R. Kelly.

Pluto is just [me] being creative. It’s bigger than life,” says Future.

source: billboard.com

Check out Future’s hit single “Magic,” featuring T.I. below.