Michael Jackson’s Bodyguard Claiming Once Again That He’s ‘Blanket’s’ Biological Father

Michael Jackson’s bodyguard is renewing claims that he’s the biological father of Jackson’s youngest son, Prince Michael II. According to Matt Fiddes , a U.K.-based martial arts master, he is the real father of the 10-year-old affectionately known as “Blanket.” Fiddes is now going through the court system hoping to gain access to his son before his mother, Blanket’s potential grandmother, passes away from cancer.

“I am going to lodge my DNA and formally ask the Jacksons for access. I want visitation rights,” he told The Daily Star. “All I want is access if he’s my child, to take him out, and spend some time together. My mum is dying of cancer. I want her to see Blanket more than anything.”

This is not the first time Fiddes has made this claim, in 2001 he told U.K.’s The Daily Mail that he donated sperm to Jackson free of charge so he could have a “fit son.”

“He said he wanted a fit, athletic son. He offered me half a million pounds but I said no,” Fiddes said. “I was already a multimillionaire and I didn’t need the money or want to take his. He was a friend and I said of course I would help. There was no contract, no confidentially agreement. He was very thankful and respectful and even rang my mum to ask her if it was OK with her.”

He even says he asked Jackson outright if the child was his, to which the King of Pop responded, “He’s my child, Matt, but I used your sperm to produce him.”

Do you think Blanket looks like Matt Fiddes?

  1. GOOD GOD! Haven’t those kids been through enough already? I know for a fact firsthand that confusing children about their racial heritage and denying what is without the tragic death of their father at the hands of a greedy doctor can push them over the edge or seemingly so-he doesn’t even look like that kid at all, he just wants money from a tragedy. It’s obvious to me, a multiracial sister who looked like Paris did at the age she was and got much physically darker and blacker looking as I aged, that the children are Mike’s. It infuriates me that people would take tragedy this to get rich, it also infuriates me that more in the community don’t put people like this in their place and act so mean and small minded and snide with this kind of ugly opportunism at the expense of children who weren’t around when whatever happened to them in the past happened.

  2. LOL Another made up story to sell and get some attention. This is total nonsense. I cannot picture Michael going around asking people for sperm just to have a child, as if Michael couldn’t do it himself with his own one. They are desperate.

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