Peter Thomas’ Past Revealed, ‘RHOA’ Hubby Was With Notorious B.I.G. Moments Before He Died

Before he was the husband of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey, Peter Thomas was a well-known music promoter. According to a 1997 “ABC News’ report, Thomas was a hip-hop concert promoter who spoke with Notorious B.I.G. moments before he was murdered.

Thomas, 50, also detailed the East Coast-West Coast beef that ultimately led to the rapper’s death.

“You’re not speaking to an individual, you’re speaking to a complete community, and in that community some people have absolutely no sense, but they do have a 45,” he told ABC.

The “RHOA” star previously made headlines when it was revealed that he made a $70,000 salary from the Bravo TV program. Thomas was featured on the show alongside his model wife showcasing his business deals in Atlanta.

Thomas previously owned Atlanta’s  Uptown nightclub before it went out of business. He has since moved on to Bar One, a swanky restaurant and bar in southeast Atlanta that has garnered him much more success.

Check out Peter Thomas’ “ABC News” report below.

He appears at the 1:45 mark and is introduced at 2:20.

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