Devin the Dude Keeps Partygoers Elevated at Recent Concert in Atlanta

Devin the Dude and the Coughee Brothaz recently showed a capacity crowd at The Basement in Atlanta that they can still put on an amazing show after 20 years in the rap game.

Hosted by Fort Knox and DJ Dug Boogie, the show opened with performances by Boog Brown and the duo Ty-Vicious and Supernova.

Midwest natives Coughee Brothaz helped to prepare the crowd for Devin The Dude with selections from their most recent album, Fresh Brew.

As Devin made his way to the stage, he was accompanied by The Coughee Brothaz, Facemob and 5th Ward Boyz. The Dungeon Family’s Slim Calhoun and superstar UGK producer Cory Mo also showed their support.

“Sticky Green,” “Lacville 79,” “What a Job,” and “Anythang” are just some of the hits that Devin the Dude performed while the crowd rapped along to every song.

The show actually ended an hour and a half after closing time. Devin, tired and drenched in sweat, stuck around to take pictures, sign autographs and do brief interviews. Without a doubt, Devin the Dude put on one of the best rap concerts of 2012. –edwin diaz

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