Willow Smith Shows Off Pink Mohawk, Is She Too Young for Colored Hair Trend?


Willow Smith has changed her hair yet again and is now sporting a cropped pink mohawk.

The youngest child of Will and Jada is known for changing her hairstyles — sometimes by the week, much like as mentioned in her solo hit “Whip My Hair.”

Before she went pink, Willow, 11, donned green hair, before that blonde, before that a shaved head, before that braids, and before that an asymmetric bob.

At such a young age is the Smith child simply experimenting or is she crying out for attention amid reports that her parents are divorcing? That of course is pure speculation that we may never receive clarity on. What’s clear however, is that her parents allow her freedom to express herself whether through her clothes, her music and obviously her hair. Is 11 too young for dipped, dyed and fried hair? Or is Willow Smith using her freedom of expression to her full advantage?

Check out a few of Willow Smith’s most memorable hairstyles below.

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