Watch Your Back, Ladies: The 10 Most Dangerous Cities for Women

Each year an alarming number of women report rapes and violent crimes across the country. Surprisingly, a large number of those crimes are reported in three Michigan cities and two in Alaska, where 37 percent of the female population reports being victims of sexual assault at some time in their lives.

Forbes has released a list of this year’s 10 most dangerous cities for women, taking into account data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. While large cities like New York, D.C. and Detroit are often vilified, this year’s list points out that a number of violent crimes against women take part in suburban areas.

Even with the gathered data, the list is slightly inaccurate when you consider that 54 percent of sexual assaults are never reported. Furthermore, the FBI’s data doesn’t take into account date rapes, statutory rapes and other sexual assaults; only “forcible rape” is included.

Here are the 10 Most Dangerous Cities For Women as recorded by Forbes magazine. –danielle canada

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