Trident, the makers of the popular gum, have released the results of their first ever “fun index.” The Trident Fun Index is a new national study conducted to measure the state of fun in America taking into account the economy and the limited personal time a number of Americans are experiencing.

According to the gum makers, one in five people (19 percent) said they couldn’t remember the last time they had fun. Furthermore, fewer than eighteen percent (18 percent) of people reported taking the opportunity to do something just for fun each day.

In an effort to reverse those dismal numbers, Trident launched a campaign to demonstrate how even just a sliver of their gum can bring fun into your everyday life. With their fun index in tow and obviously fresh breath, Trident looked to Facebook to survey which cities are having the “best time.”

The results are based on responses to questions designed to understand consumer attitudes and behaviors relating to fun.

-danielle canada

Check out the 10 most fun cities below.

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