Kanye West and Kim Khardashian Caught Having Sex?

What was Kanye Thinking and what was Kim doing? Kanye West emerged from a limo last night  following behind his heart throb, Kim Khardashian, like a love struck puppy  in heat — but his pants were down.  We’re not going to speculate about what was going on in that car, but Kim is still immaculate and not a hair out of place.

So was this just a case of “pants on the ground” or was there something more physical or sinister going on, or is Kanye just so caught up in the Khardashian web that he’s lost all sense of decency or decorum?

Many men have fallen victim to the Khardashian women, but isn’t a little sloppy to parade around so publicly flaunting your relationship while she’s still married to Kris Humphries? But since Ye declared his love so openly in “Theraflu” he has to keep up appearances and make this relationship real — or at least look like it. -roz edward



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