Concert Stage Collapses in New York, Wale, Fabolous and Waka Flocka to Blame

Rappers like 50 Cent who travel with larger than average security and friends may want to leave a few of these heavyweights backstage.


According to the NY Post, popular rappers brought the house down at Hammerstein Ballroom; or shall we say the stage.  Top rappers such as Fabolous, Wale, Waka Flocka Flame and French Montana came out to support Power 105’s DJ Prostyle’s celebrity birthday bash.

Rappers are notorious for having a large entourage of people during concerts, so of course, this one was no different. Unfortunately, the significant amount of weight on a less than sturdy stage caused a ramp to collapse.

It was reported that more than 400 people filled the stage, which may be the reason for its collapse.

On lookers said the stage started to give way when “12 dudes that weighed 300 pounds each and an extra 100 pounds for all of their bling jewelry” made way onto the ramp. Although no injuries were reported, artists may want to take heed to the advice given by the source,

“Those rappers need to be less co-dependent and only require 10 friends on stage — not 200.”

Renee Gardner

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