Sisters in Gospel Group, Forever JONES, Talk Power of Prayer and New CD

The Jones Family

Talent and altruism are genetically inherent among the seven members of the Jones family who comprise the gospel group forever JONES. Taking listeners by storm with their popular single, “He Wants it All,” which appears on their debut album Get Ready, they continue on their mission “to declare the spirit of worship, the message of the Gospel and the essence of family through their music.” They just released their sophomore album, Musical Revival, which is touted as “beautiful melodies and harmonies that only this tight-knit family can offer and is elevated to the next level.”

The Joneses recently hosted a fundraiser, the “Musical Revival” concert, and designated proceeds and donations to benefit Shreveport Rescue Mission. Shortly after, rolling out caught up with the two oldest daughters DJ (D’Jeniele’, pronounced Jineel), songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, wife and mother; and Dominique, a dynamic vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who often writes complex arrangements on both the guitar and keys. Dominique’s compositions on their first radio single, “He Wants It All,” is standout.

Here, the young ladies provides insight on what it’s like to keep up with the Joneses. –yvette caslin

How long have you been singing?

DJ: Since we were about 3- and 4-years-old. I was looking back at pictures of my sister and I when we  were singing at my auntie’s church wearing matching dresses.

Dominique: My mom made sure we were a part of every choir that she was directing.

Dominique Jones

Where do you attend church?

Dominique: Shreveport Community Church [Shreveport, La.] … Our pastors are Denny and DeAnnza Duron.

Before moving to Shreveport, La., where did you attend church? 

Dominique: We were in Yakima, Wash., and our parents were our pastors. My dad is currently a pastor on staff and he led worship for a few years. We started traveling and when we are in town, we sing on the worship team.

DJ: Our parents had been traveling and ministering for years. Every once in a while, at least one of us would travel with them on a ministry trip. One day my dad came home and said the Lord wanted him to travel with the whole family … all five kids [DJ, Dominique, Mya Joy Grace, DeWitt IV and Judah]. The next call, he stepped out on faith and shared that the invitation would have to include him [DeWitt], my mom [Kim] and the kids. The first trip we took as a family was to Shreveport. We met Pastor Denny and there was a real connection.

Dominique, when you were recording “He Wants It All,” where were you spiritually?

It’s easy to go into the studio and get nervous because you can hear everything with the earphones on. I made a decision to go in that room and worship and sing to the Lord. When you make that decision that’s when God puts His hands on it an blesses it.

What was it like growing up in a touring musical family? Were you in school or did you have a tutor?


DJ: Our church has a school.

Dominique: We attended school while we were in town. Our teachers were very helpful in getting us our assignments when we were on the road. Judah is a senior this year and Mya is in the sixth grade. They are both finishing up this year. Their teachers are very good about keeping them on track and they stay connected online. Every body has really been a blessing.

What can fans expect from your new album, Musical Revival?

DJ: We all work together on this album. We came together with an idea that we received through prayer. We’d sit down to finish a song and some were finished in the 11th hour at the studio. Expect to hear fun, worship music and a lot of different styles.

Join the Musical Revival and keep up with forever JONES on and on twitter @officialfjm.

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