The Yes Ma’ams Talk Their ‘Taste Test’ EP, Signature Style and Fan Base

Girl groups have become passeé, but a new pop trio is looking to launch a colorful musical revival. Slander, Secret and Privacy, collectively known as The Yes Ma’ams, describe themselves as “sugar, spice and everything nice.” The group is proffering something new to music lovers — edgy lyrics, audacious attitudes and cover girl looks to boot.

In April, The Ma’ams, whose name is synonymous with the ultimate stamp of approval, released their Taste Test EP, driven mainly through social media; bloggers and Instagram addicts all rallied together, as well as members of the LGBT community, who’ve already become loyal fans. As they prepared for their release party in Atlanta, the ladies told rolling out that their diverse fan base comes as no surprise especially when you consider their “undeniable” relatability

“We’re sickening!” said Privacy.

“I think that’s something that’s undeniable about us. What we have is undeniable,” added Slander.

In addition to their fan base, the ladies talked about their signature style that varies from designer digs to do-it-yourself projects, as well as their plans for the future. “We’re always recording, there’s always something new just in case we want to drop a song tomorrow, said Slander.

“You never know, we might,” added Privacy with a smile. –danielle canada

Check out our interview with the Yes Ma’ams and a gallery of pictures from their release party below.

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