Floyd Mayweather’s Black Harvard Mastermind

Floyd Mayweather has a very smart dynamic urban legend guiding his success. Floyd Mayweather has added a major dealmaker to his boxing arsenal. Al Haymon brings skills that have made many think twice about the way they approach Mayweather and other pro boxers. Who knew that a black Harvard trained thinker and executive would end up adding value to the entire boxing industry?

Any young urban businessperson might want to study the career of Al Haymon to understand that success takes many paths. Education played a role in his success that many overlook. Harvard, an influential institution that gives powerful networks that lead to the White House, is a great training ground for urban entrepreneur.

Floyd Mayweather knows that Al Haymon has been very successful in both the music business, live concert business, and television business. He knows how to manage talent and manage business assets created by their economic opportunities. Need a list of successes, Google Al Haymon.

If you think that the Mayweather fight was won in the ring, then you are missing the business fight for the real money. The next fight might be $100 to $200 million purse. Floyd Mayweather and Al Haymon are the new money entrepreneurs and role models. Check the next combination of Black Harvard successes coming in November.

Who is Al Haymon?

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  • John Irving
    November 6, 2012

    Al Haymon is THE MAN!!!!!! #period.

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