George Clooney, Maxwell and the Top Obama Celebrity Supporters


Superstar actor-activist George Clooney will reportedly rustle up $12 million at his May 10 fundraising dinner for President Obama in Los Angeles, scoring a record as the biggest U.S. presidential campaign fundraiser in history, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

As the 2012 presidential campaign officially opened last weekend, both candidates, Obama and Romney, are relying on the big guns to help pay for what will be an exorbitantly expensive campaign. Clooney leveraged his considerable cache in Hollywood to persuade studio bigwigs to plop down $40,000 per plate for the highly-anticipated affair at his home in Studio City, Calif.

Clooney is far from the only A-list entertainer in his very public investment in President Obama’s aspirations for a second term in the Oval Office. Let’s take a look at some of the others who go all out for the president: 

Terry Shropshire
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