While “Basketball Wives” remains the subject of scrutiny and online petitions call for its removal from the airwaves, at least of one the show’s cast members seems to think its cancellation would be detrimental to society. Tami Roman, who may or may not be delusional, filed court documents claiming that if the reality show was taken off the air, the show’s loyal fans would be agonized. Her bizarre claim comes in response to a hair company’s lawsuit against her claiming that she failed to fulfill endorsement duties.

TMZ reports that Crème De La Crème hair company decided to sue Roman after she refused to endorse their hair brand on the VH1 reality show. According to the company, their product was supposed to be featured on the show during a meeting between the starlet and their business execs, but the taping never happened. Crème De La Crème also says that Roman avoided every attempt to set up the scene and later endorsed her own brand of hair weave while “Basketball Wives” cameras were rolling. Crème De La Crème’s owners say they want the footage of Roman’s own brand of hair pulled as well as $75,000 for excess damages.

Now Roman says the hair company didn’t pay her on time, thus breaking any obligation she had to them or their hair extensions.
Furthermore, she adds that prohibiting the show from airing would affect “millions of people” and the harm suffered by Crème de la Crème “pales in comparison.” She’s asking the court to let the show air as is and wants her name and likeness disassociated with the brand’s products.

Luckily for the makers of Crème De La Crème, Roman is acting much more civilized and handling this battle in a courtroom. We know how she likes to handle her battles. –danielle canada