Drunk Driver Straps 4 Children to Hood of His Car

An Indiana man took bad parenting to new heights this week when he exercised extremely poor judgement and strapped four children to the roof of his car. Already intoxicated, and on a liquor run, Aaron Stefanski and Jessica Clark of Fort Wayne, Ind., were stopped by a U.S. Marshall after a witness called police and reported seeing a man and woman using a tow strap to tie children to a car in a liquor store parking lot. Police spokeswoman Raquel Foster spoke with The Associated Press about the incident and confirmed that Stefanski and Clark are both facing felony neglect charges for the “joy ride.” Apparently, they were traveling a short distance, and he believed “they would enjoy it,” Foster said. She also added that she had no information about the children’s reaction to the ride.

Stefanski’s blood alcohol content was .17, more than twice Indiana’s legal limit for driving. Police said the woman also appeared to be inebriated. The man and woman’s relationship was unclear although one of the children strapped to the car was hers, while the other three belonged to the man. The Department of Child Services has since stepped in. The children — ages 4, 5, 6 and 7 — were unharmed.


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