Detroit’s Poor Performing Schools Get Makeover by EAA of Michigan


Chancellor John Covington

Similar to most major cities in America, Detroit has faced ongoing issues with low-performing schools that fail to properly prepare students for higher achievement. As a result, those schools usually have high dropout rates and perpetuate a cycle that leads to joblessness and high crime rates in urban communities.

To combat  Detroit’s issues with low-performing schools, the Education Achievement Authority of Michigan, backed by Michigan’s governor,  has taken over 15 schools.

Rolling out magazine was on hand as the EAA announced the 10 new principals who were assigned to head the schools in need.

To help select principals, the EAA worked with the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

Salary for the principals selected will start at $120,000 for elementary students and $130,000 for high school principals.

Chancellor John Covington said each principal underwent a tough process to be hired.

“It was a rigorous  process. It wasn’t a process where they could just send in an application. We went through the most rigorous process to screen these individuals and make sure that we were making sure the best person would be sitting in a seat of leadership. These people are here because of there merit and not who they know,” Covington said. –amir shaw

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A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

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