‘Newsweek’ Names Obama the 1st Gay President; Top 10 Twitter Responses

Newsweek, in response to Pres. Obama’s sentiment that gays should be allowed to marry, has named No. 44 as the First Gay President in this week’s issue. Newsweek released the image on Twitter and Twitter influencers are having their say about it. Here are just a few.

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out


  • Piscescarodine
    May 14, 2012

    sad that since he been in office they disrepected our president.  you don’t have to be gay to support gay people. if you look how many people be outted that mean and hide what they did.

  • Dudley_brown
    May 14, 2012

    Hate by any color is still Hate….. It’s a shame we can’t move forward, because we’re always tripping over the past, they’ve taken off the white sheets and hoods but, the concept is still there…. and we’re suppose to just move on ! REALY!!!                                                                          D.B.  Philadelphia

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