That Obama cut ties with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright must be particularly painful since Wright married the couple


Looks like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright has tattled on the president of the United States and it’s coming out just in time for the 2012 election. Wright alleges that Obama’s camp offered a handsome bribe so that Wright would keep quiet until after the elections.

In 2008, the retired pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago whipped up a tidal wave of controversy that nearly drenched Sen. Barack Obama as he was entangled in a fierce fight with heir apparent Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president.

Today, after harboring feelings of “betrayal” and abandonment by his longtime church member and friend, Jeremiah Wright decided to confide in Edward Klein, author of the unauthorized Obama biography, The Amateur, that the Obama camp attempted to bribe him out of the pulpit via email.

It is a very ugly public divorce of two formerly-close men who had two decades of history together, especially since Wright married the Obamas.

The transcripts of that alleged secret meeting between Wright and Obama are damning and inflammatory. Look at what the pastor emeritus said about how the bribe went down as well as the video that started the maelstrom of controversy in the first place.

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