Cheaters: Why Married Men Cheat With Their Baby Mommas?




Atlanta Falcons player Michael Turner made the news recently when his two baby mommas traded blows outside his Georgia home.

According to TMZ, Turner’s new love, Elizabeth Delacruz and the mother of his two kids, Rasheeda Walker, got into a fight. Necole Bitchie adds that Rasheeda went to confront Turner because Delacruz’s baby is only 2 months old, and Rasheeda has a 5-month old baby with Turner and she is pregnant again.

So why do men continue to cheat with their baby mothers? Well, here are the five top reasons for straying, according to the Conventional (online) Wisdom, and everyday baby mommas.

5. Cheaters never want to be married.
“… While you were standing in your off-brand knock-off Vera Wang dress looking starry-eyed professing your vows of marriage, he was lost in space thinking to himself, “How the hell did I end up here? And, which one of these chicks [am I] going to bang in the back room?”

Trust me, there is a third and fourth chick out there somewhere. Probably in the same apartment complex as you, and his baby momma. And, guess what’s going to happen? All of y’all are going to end up pregnant at the same time. Chile, I should put my psychic abilities to better use.”

 –Dear Gay Best Friend on

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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