Although he’s been absent from the side of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his “Money Team” cohorts, Ray J is making the kind of money that should make him a shoe-in for a spot in the crew. Brandy’s brother, 31, is the new face of PrinceReigns, a skin care company that boasts that it has the “premier ingrown hair serum.” The smooth faced singer recently signed a deal with PrinceReigns ensuring that he’d represent the product alongside actress Sophie Monk. In the latest PrinceReigns ad, Ray J’s seen canoodling with the actress in a mansion before steaming up an indoor pool, which we know he has alongside his outdoor pool at home. The pair’s PrinceReign ad endorsements have reportedly raked in $1 million a piece for them.

Check out Ray J’s ad for his $1 million endorsement below.

Ray J’s endorsement deal, while lucrative, comes off as slightly random. His is not the first random celebrity endorsement, however, check out five more below.