Chaka Khan Releases More Weight-Loss Pictures, Says She Looks Like Nicki Minaj

Chaka Khan

60 pounds lighter and 100 percent more confident, singer Chaka Khan is agreeing with reports that she bears a resemblance to rapper Nicki Minaj. As previously reported, Khan stunned fans when she appeared at the Kennedy Center spring gala looking svelte and sophisticated with a new look. Since then, Chaka Khan’s received an outpouring of support from fans praising her sexy new silhouette. In particular, Khan’s been bombarded with compliments on Twitter and recently retweeted one where a fan likened her to Nicki Minaj.  “I’ve heard that quite a bit lately. I do see the resemblance,” wrote Chaka Khan on the social network.

Chaka Khan

In addition to agreeing with Nicki Minaj comparisons, Chaka Khan’s also released new pictures of her whittled waist.

Check out side-by-side comparisons of Chaka Khan and Nicki Minaj as well as new weight-loss photos in the gallery below. –danielle canada

  1. My how things can get twisted.  Niki may resemble Chaka, not the other way around, and even though she may have popularity now, she has a very long way to go before she could even light a candle to try to hold to Chaka.  Let’s keep it real!!!

  2.  their is a slight resemblance , but remember Chaka  Khan was born this way , while niki , was made to look this way , more over Chaka Khan is very classy natural beauty, and been around long before Niki, Niki resemble her not the other way around. more over Niki out vulgar dance on stage and vulgar expression, put her in such a different ball game than Chaka Khan

  3. I just read this, and if I were a violent person, I swear I’d track that fan down and kick her in the eye.  LOL

    Chaka looks like Chaka… and is far above the realm of being compared to Nicki.  

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