Since Kim Kardashian began dating Kanye West a few months ago, the lovey-dovey couple has been spotted everywhere together and friends of the reality star have claimed to love her new hip-hop beau. But according to a new report, Kim wants to get in good with West’s friends, namely his R&B BFF Beyoncé.

According to the New York Daily News, West will soon be flying to London to kick off dates on his “Watch The Throne” tour with Jay-Z, and Kardashian will apparently be flying across the pond with him.

Jay and Bey have already rented a town home in London while Jay hits the road and Bey launches her new perfume line, and Kardashian is reportedly intent on getting closer to Bey while they’re overseas.

“Kim wants to travel everywhere with Kanye, but she’s also trying to do whatever she can to get close to Beyoncé,” says the source. “So, if Bey and Jay are going, she’s going,” the insider adds.

Despite Kardashian’s alleged desire to befriend Beyoncé, previous reports have claimed that the singer wants nothing to with Kardashian. Sources claim that Beyoncé, who is a notoriously private star, is turned off by how Kardashian airs her private life on TV and doesn’t want her own life put on display.

Only time will tell if Kardashian and Beyoncé will become friends, but even if they don’t, Kardashian already has a great deal of superstar friends.

Check out Kardashian’s A-list circle of friends below. –nicholas robinson

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  • Mosthigh312

    Can you blame Beyonce? I wouldn’t want Kim’s thirsty azz around me either.

  • Rollo

    I would hate Bey to be friends with such useless people. Beyonce is a hard worker and she has to be friends with other hard workers not gold diggers!!!!
    I hope and wish she keep ignoring the bitch………

  • Remoten

    Kim Kardashian has issues. At the top of the list is that “she wants to be Beyonce!”  NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! Kim spends her time trying to imitate everybody that “is somebody!” Check out her new look! She’s gone and had her hair died and sort of styled to match Bey. She tries to wear simular clothing to Bey. Her face is made up to resemble Bey. No doubt she even tries to pass herself off as Bey. Bey is recognized as “The World’s Most Beautiful Woman!” Everything Bey has was and is earned through hard work, dedication, being well grounded and humble. Kim on the other hand is like a loose cannon and always into some kind of publicized mess to make herself “the center of attention.” In a manner of speaking; Kim conducts herself and affairs like the neighborhood hoe. I beleive the expression for Kim is: “you can make a hoe out of a lady but you can’t make a lady out of a hoe.” Kim; “you need to get a real life” and “stop trying to ride other people’s glory train.” 

    • chi

      Some of us have no respect for Kim K. She started her media career as a Video Hoe! If Beyonce does lower her standards and becomes friends with this I wanna B Black woman, it would be a shame and would totally lose respect for her. Beyonce is Class, Kim K is Trash! I think that pic with Beyonce out with her friends said it all, if u notices Kim K was certainly not included in that group of friends! I think that speaks for itself. Kim K is a slut, its the way she has carried herself that earned her that reputation. There are many woman out there who work hard to claim fame, then there are others who take the backyard way screwing their way to the top. Those videos of Kim K f”cking Ray J will forever be floating around the web, one would hope that Beyonce chooses her close circle of friends more tastefully which she has done so far.