Man Dies at Strip Club After Night of Unpaid Lap Dances

Man dies at strip club after night of unpaid lap dances

We’ve all got to go sometime. But 67-year-old Robert Gene White did so in a way that some men would find enviable, after receiving several lap dances at a Texas strip club.

And he managed to pass away before having to pay his bill.

Local Fox affiliate KDFW reports that White “enjoyed several lap dances” on a Friday night at the Red Parrot Strip Club in El Paso before meeting his demise.

However, when employees came to collect payment from White he was “unresponsive,” according to another station, KVIA. The local sheriff’s department said club workers and paramedics made several unsuccessful attempts to revive White.

The sheriff’s office said it suspects White died of natural causes and does not suspect foul play in the incident.

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