Real or Fake? Celebrity Women With Very Questionable Butts

You take one look at some of these female celebrities and pseudo stars with impossibly protruding posteriors and say to your friends: ‘Man, that can’t be real! How can someone possess proportions like that?’

Why are fake butts the craze?

Large derrières seem to be on the social menu in the modern era and every other young woman is doing her best to acquire the video vixen physique, replete with a large bubble in the back that offsets impossibly anorexic looking waist. Some women have taken way too far and their backsides actually look deformed.

Like it or not, celebrities are fashion trendsetters and whatever they floss or give emphasis to gets emulated by millions of impressionable girls, but sometimes there are dire consequences in trying to duplicate the stars and video vixens. In a report by Danielle Canada, a woman was forced to have her arms and legs amputated after getting butt injections that was supposed to give her gluteus maximus a rounder, larger look. Another young lady from England was flown back to her parents in a body bag after her injections poisoned her and she had a heart attack.

Take a look at the following women who look like they have plastic parts and ask yourself: have we taken this quest for bodily perfection too far? Is it time to end the quest for fake butts?

terry shropshire


Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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  1. Terry you were right on with this one! However, having a large rear isn’t farfetched amongst black women especially that back in the day black woman. We were known for our naturally plump roasts and full lips. It was white women who were flat azzed and big boobied, but black women always had the curves.

    Sadly, with the generational diluting of the genes, today’s black women are hipless, azzless, yet suprisingly full breasted. Almost as if the roles have been whitefully reversed. When I was a little girl, I remember my Aunt Maxine was a brick house and my Uncle’s girlfriend Christie had an azz that stopped traffic! And let’s not forget the glutes of all glutes, the Mother Glutes, Ms. Sarah Baartman aka The Hottentot Venus who was beraded and abused for possessing assets that were unimaginable and never before seen by the white folks that would run through her, ultimately destroy her, then further humiliate her and her assets in death.

    I think its just sad that women, but especially black women have returned to the very stereotype many women fought to get us out of. Then to go and artificially inflate your azz for attention is just stupid on so many levels. But, I guess when all else fails, use what ya got, to get what you want… All I can do is SMDH. If azz is all you’ve got going for you, don’t be mad when a man gets it and keeps going.

    I mean, neither Rihanna or Beyonce (anymore) have big azzes, but they were both recently named the sexiest and the most beautiful women in the world. That says alot about them in general. Beautiful eyes, perfect smiles, fit bodies, business savvy, class and style are what they stand on. Hell, if you think about it, not one woman who has been bestowed with those titles had a maximum g-maximus. Jennifer Aniston, Angela Jolie, etc…

    Grossly Large Implants are Ignorant and Silcone Shots get ya limbs Cut Off! I pass!

    1.  sounds like your all over being fascinated by women bodies you talked about. very much obsessed. if you so much pass, why did you stop to read the article? to each it’s own, and no what black women need to do is stop hating. wonder what azz your man is out looking at(:

    2. I totally agree with the last part of your pose, Sherri, but if you look at old photos of Sub-Saharan African women of any age, you will find few with curves. In fact, their bodies are very similar to African American woman of today. We tend to be relatively long legged, knock kneed, with not much waist definition and a torso larger than our waist and hips. Although we can be curvy, that is not the body type I see on most AA women. This is not due to “generational dilution .” Many black (and white) women just have an android body type. This body type has never been uncommon. What black women HAVE done in recent times is become obese in record numbers.

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