Bobby Brown Previews New Single, Denies Whitney Houston Dedication



Brown Says “Don’t Let Me Die” Not Dedicated To Whitney Houston

Although his new single tells the tale of love lost, Bobby Brown is denying reports that it’s dedicated to his late ex-wife. Earlier this week the ‘New Edition’ singer appeared on “The Ellen Show” and previewed his track “Don’t Let Me Die.”

With the lyrics,”I guess I (messed) up pretty bad/ I didn’t know who you were/ I didn’t know what we had/Now I’m stuck living in the past/ Trying to get the pieces back/ But I guess now you’re gone,” it’s easy to see why many fans thought the song was about Whitney Houston, the woman he admitted to loving even up to her February death. Adding fuel to the fire was an admission from Brown that he performed it as a tribute after hearing about her passing. “I tried to get a flight,” said Brown. “Tried to rent a jet. Whatever I had to do but it was impossible. So I knew the best thing that she would want me to do was perform.” After his performance the singer also blew a kiss to the sky and said, “I love you Whitney.”

Despite his proclamation however, a rep for Brown confirmed to “E!” today that the song was written well before the singer’s death and actually features Brown’s fiancé Alicia in the music video. The video for “Don’t Let Me Die” will be released in the forthcoming weeks. Brown is prepping his The Masterpiece album set to hit stores June 5.-danielle canada

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