Kandi Burruss Talks ‘Bedroom Kandi’ With Dr. Drew


Kandi Talks Toys With Dr. Drew

Kandi Burruss’ famed sex toy line is growing in popularity and acquiring new fans, the latest a prominent television doctor. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star appeared recently on HLN’s Dr. Drew show where she discussed her Bedroom Kandi, a line of self-pleasuring products aimed at open-minded women. Also on hand was her mother, “mama Joyce,” who expressed her support of her daughter’s endeavor.

“I think it’s a great idea because [there are] so many women, especially many women my age that don’t have partners,” said, Joyce. “I don’t think it can substitute [for] having a partner, but as one of your callers said, ‘there [are] so many diseases that they have out there.’ ” Dr. Drew was obviously tickled by Joyce and offered to talk to her “all day,” jokingly dismissing her daughter from the interview.

In addition to sharing laughs with the ladies, Drew took calls from viewers considering Bedroom Kandi and other pleasure products. Obviously feeling comfortable despite her mother’s presence, Kandi made sure to explain why she’s so adamant about her sex toy line. “It’s my feelings that you should know your own body,” she said. “You should explore yourself and know what kind of makes you tick.”

Check out Kandi and Mama Joyce talking Bedroom Kandi with Dr. Drew. –danielle canada

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