Boy Finds Severed Finger in Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich


Ryan Hart Bites Off More Than He Can Chew

A Michigan teen looking for a tasty treat at Arby’s bit off more than he could chew, or care to chew at least. Ryan Hart of Jackson, Michigan told a local paper that he was almost finished with one of the restaurant’s famed roast beef sandwiches when he tasted something rubbery and spit out. That “rubbery” taste belonged to a piece of a finger. “I was like, ‘That (has) to be a finger,'” the 14-year-old told The Jackson Citizen Patriot. “I was about to puke. It was just nasty.”


Hart visited the establishment Wednesday, the same day an employee cut her a finger on a meat slicer and left her station without announcement. She would later alert her co-workers that the fleshy pad of her finger had been severed but it was apparently too late to save Hart’s sandwich and his stomach. “Somebody loses a finger, and you keep sending food out the window? I can’t believe that,” said the boy’s mother Jamie Vail. She is undecided on a decision to take legal action, but described the severed section as about an eighth to a quarter-inch thick and at least one inch long.

Hart was taken to a local hospital to have blood drawn. He has been prescribed medication but says he feels fine. An Arbys spokesman described the finger fiasco as an “unfortunate incident.” -danielle canada


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