Tattoo parlors now need to be treated like abortion clinics. There definitely needs to be counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, a priest and family members on hand before the tattoo artist is able to commence to desecrating the face and body parts of the victims, er, customers.

Some folks do not do well on their own, as you will see on the following pages.

We already know this individual pictured here and the following individuals are leaning way past 12 O’clock mentally when they request to have permanent colored ink stenciled into their faces and necks. Most people I talk to who have tattoos where they can be viewed — whether on the breast, visage, hands and neck — regret it years later and wish they had never done it. Or some wish they had put it in a place where only a few can see them when the wearer has shorts on, or no clothes on.

Here are the following mentally-challened individuals who’s tattoos have you asking, “what were they thinking???”

— terry shropshire

Terry Shropshire

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