10 Rappers Over 40 Who Are Still Big Stars

In honor of Christopher “Notorious BIG” Wallace, aka Biggie Smalls, who’s on today, May 21 would have made 40 years old, rolling out assembled 10 of the most prolific rappers who are still making it happen big time as they enter their fifth decade in the world. Many are doing it better than their hip-hop counterparts who are half their ages.

Not all of these 10 rappers over 40 are still bring the same kind of noise that brought them their initial, and greatest fame. Some have undergone complete career and personality transformations. Some have retreated from the spotlight so tough — the spotlight that  they used to own — that you wouldn’t know that they were still alive if not for new albums, product lines or radio programs. Nonetheless, they all are still doing it up big in their own way.

Click below to check out how the 10 rappers over 40 are still representing strong. –terry shropshire

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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