10 Famous Men With Horrible Plastic Surgeries

With all due respect to the infamous Joan Rivers (left), who did her best to mangle her own face and now jokes about it, there is actually someone else who may hold the title for the most hideous side effects of multiple plastic surgeries, and they are of the male variety.

For years, most people presumed that facelifts and other procedures were mostly the exclusive domain of women because of this nation’s preoccupation with a woman’s physical beauty for dictating her stature in entertainment and in life. But as we will see on the following pages, many men have equal capacity for narcissism, neurosis, complete self-absorption and desperation for obtaining, or maintaining, their statuses as “pretty boys.” And for the most part, the results have been grotesque, if not tragic.

Click below to view the 10 celebrity males with horrible plastic surgeries that either blunted their careers or impugned their sex-symbol statuses, or both.

 –terry shrophsire

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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