Student Suspended for Giving Classmate Semen-Filled Cupcake


Semen-Filled Cupcake Given to High School Student

A Minnesota teen took his hatred to new heights after school officials report that he filled a cupcake with semen then gave it to a classmate. An unnamed 16-year-old has been suspended from Como Park Senior High School in St. Paul for what’s been described as an “inappropriate prank” he pulled in class. St. Paul police spokesman Paul Paulos spoke with The Pioneer Press this week and confirmed that an incident recently occurred involving homemade cupcakes and the bodily fluid. “The 16-year-old gave cupcakes to quite a few people, but only one supposedly had semen in or on it,” Paulos told the paper. “That student was at school May 10 when people started asking him about a cupcake he ate the previous day.” They asked, ‘How he could do that, if it tasted funny,’ things like that, and he heard someone mention that semen was used in the cupcakes.”

Police were unable to test the “tasty treat” because it had already been consumed. The alleged tainted cupcake maker was suspended from the school leading to a Twitter tirade from the teen who allegedly threatened to burn down the house of the school principal. An investigation into the unnamed student’s threats is still ongoing. A St. Paul Public Schools spokeswoman has since confirmed that the student has withdrawn from the school district.

While obviously appalling, this is far from the first incident where tainted food has made headlines. Check out other disgusting tainted food stories below. Warning; they may make you extremely nauseous. -danielle canada

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