Adam Harris Runs to an Acting Career

Adam Yates Harris thanks veteran actress and four-time NAACP Best Director Winner Denise Dowse (“House,” “Bones”) for inspiring him and giving him the tools to become a great actor. “Not too long ago I took a workshop taught by actress Denise Dowse. Her passion was contagious and she really fired me up to become an actor,” shares the actor in Studio 11 Films’ Nice Guy.

Here, the Atlanta native who believes life would be impossible without three things — acting, music and running — opens up. –yvette caslin

Zodiac Sign: 

Why did you take this role? 
It seemed like a very exciting and quality project. There was a talented cast and crew, and I knew it had great direction. Not to mention movie star Miguel Nuñez was in the film.

The one movie attended that you will never forget: 
Avatar — it was just one of those movies that stuck with me days after I saw it. I was truly blown away.

Your personal acting idols: 
Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd and Jason Segel to name a few.

Last good movie you saw: 
Pineapple Express. I just finished watching it last night on DVD. Gotta love Seth Rogan and James Franco…

Some films you consider classics: 
Anything James Cameron directs

Performer you would drop everything to go see: 
If we are counting bands no longer together, or groups that deceased members, I would definitely say the Beatles. I often watch videos of them in concert from the ’60s thinking how I would literally do anything to see them live.

Pop culture guilty pleasure: 
Hollywood Reporter

Favorite cities:
I love Santa Monica, [Calif] . If we are counting cities outside of the U.S., then Barcelona, [Spain].

First CD, tape or LP you owned:
Eve 6

Moment you knew you wanted to perform for a living: 
I remember one summer I had a job doing tedious office work. All I could think about during that day at work was performing. Sometimes, I think it takes doing something you don’t like to realize you are an artist at heart.

Worst flubbed line, missed cue or onstage mishap: 
During one of my first auditions, I skipped ahead several lines on the script. That was embarrassing.

Most challenging role you have played: 
I remember once I had to play a character with a personality disorder; that was particularly challenging.

Worst job you ever had: 
The worst job I ever had was being a telemarketer for a company. I was miserable.

Career you would want if not a performer: 
Professional runner. I ran cross-country in college and it has always been a true passion of mine.

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