Oprah and Newark Mayor Cory Booker Share Intimate Details

Oprah with Cory Booker

Six years into his mayorship, Cory Booker has inspired hope in his home state and earned national recognition. Will Cory Booker and his success as mayor lead to a third term or a presidential run?
Oprah traveled to Newark, New Jersey, days after Mayor Cory Booker had a near-death experience in a burning building. Mayor Booker, one of America’s most dynamic and innovative leaders, opens up with Oprah about his political future and explains why he’s still a bachelor. Tune in Sunday, May 27, with Oprah at 9/8 CST.


  • vibrant77
    May 29, 2012

    I watched the interview. He is a brilliant man who is genuinely serving the people (for now). Its disturbing how older black residents were willing to re-elect a mayor that didn’t do squat to clean newark up, simply because Corey wasn’t considered ‘black enough’. What is black enough? Skintone, attitude, genetic pooling? Wtf is black enough. Older black folks need to look in the damn mirror insteading of blaming every other race for being “racist and discriminatory”. YOU are just as bad! Now what do you have to say years later now that Corey has cleaned up Newark, dropped the murder rate, and has brought big business back to the city? Still not good enough for ‘real’ black people I bet. (Scoff)

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