VIBE Releases Behind the Scenes Video of ‘Role Model’ Cover Shoot



Evelyn, Chrissy, Tamar and Kandi Pose In Behind The Scenes Video 

The ladies of VIBE’s ‘Sexy Issue’ stayed true to the mag’s theme when they posed provocatively for their controversial cover shoot. As previously reported VIBE has been blasted by readers who were offended that the reality stars were highlighted in an article with the headline “Meet Your New Role Models.” Although many failed to see the mag’s point; the article was actually questioning whether the ladies met role model criteria, readers did see the “Basketball Wife,” “Real Housewife,” Braxton and Hip-Hop girlfriend looking seductive in their photos.

In the most recent release from VIBE, we see a behind the scenes video of the ladies donning lacey lingerie and skimpy outfits while the cameras roll.

Check out a few onset photos of Evelyn, Chrissy, Tamar and Kandi in the gallery, and a behind the scenes video of their VIBE shoot below. –danielle canada


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