As sort of an omen that precluded a violent altercation with a paparazz0, singing sensation Justin Bieber got in some boxing lessons from potent pugilist Mike Tyson just hours before.

Justin Bieber fights paparazzi is the headline after Bieber allegedly posted up a photographer near his home Calabasas, Calif., a prosperous suburb outside Los Angeles that’s renowned as a residence of the Whore-dashians, er, Kardashians.

Bieber and boo Selena Gomez had already split the scene by the time law enforcement showed up on the scene. The photographer was transported to a nearby hospital and later released.

Witnesses told the police that the paparazzi instigated the confrontation with Bieber.  They said the photographer purposely blocked in Justin’s by standing in the way as the singer was trying to leave.  Going from frustrated to irate after repeated pleas for the photographer to get out the way so he could leave, Justin got out of the car and asked the guy to move away but he wouldn’t, and a scuffle allegedly ensued.

Witnesses on the scene also told the cops that the photographer got tips from a lawyer at the scene about calling an ambulance and filing a police report in order to set himself up for a big payday via a lawsuit.

This is not the first violent confrontation between celebs and photos, with some tragic consequences ensuing. Below are some of the most violent encounters between celebrities and the photographers seeking to get that big payday picture.

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