Lozada Says She Misses Williams 

Although she hurled herself across a table to attack her and lambasted her with threats, Evelyn Lozada admitted that she misses her old friend, Jennifer Williams. Lozada recently sat down for an interview with VIBE magazine, presumably the same one used for their controversial “Role Model” cover, and admitted to feeling slightly lost without her longtime BFF.

“I miss her,” said Lozada. “We were friends for 10 years. I was in her wedding, so you know yeah, and your thinking you guys are going to do this show together, your BFF, and then your kind of like, ‘what happened?’ And we are mutual friends with a lot of people, so everything else became weird energy. It was tough.”

Taking things a step further, Lozada even admitted that her extremely aggressive behavior toward Williams might have been over the top. No longer angry and thinking more clearly, Lozada added that she “broke the friend code” by taking things to a physical level with her longtime comrade.

 “I live by loyalty and I feel like, at that point, I broke the friend code,” said Lozada to VIBE. “I should have never broken that code and I should have never stooped down to that level. Like, if she wants to do interviews and slick comments, it is what it is. I don’t hate her. People just get caught up in this industry; you do interviews and say certain things.”

Lozada is preparing for her July 4 nuptials to NFL player Chad Ochocinco. If both she and Williams return for the show’s next season, it will be interesting to see if they attempt to mend their friendship on camera.

Check out a few photos of these ex-BFFs in happier times. Do you think Jen and Evelyn will reconcile?  danielle canada