Oral Sex Tips for Black Women

Oral Sex Tips for Black Women

As a man, I am well aware of the penchant we have for the sexual skill sets of women.

However, not all black women are the same and this is also true with respect to their oral sex prowess.
Whether you call head, a blow job, fellatio — or as I prefer throat, some women just do not have
the ability to satisfy their partners in an oral fashion. We men love all oral sex, and if there was
a heaven on earth, the feeling one obtains from a job well done would be something akin to it. But if the outcome is to be beyond exceptional, then you do not want to “blow” the chance of providing the best
experience possible for you and your partner.

So I am taking the time to write this primer and provide some cliff notes based on my
experiences of a few things that can be done to improve a woman’s delivery of what most men enjoy
sexually besides massaging a woman’s back from inside their body.

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  2. Ok. Women also have requirements for a man’s sexual skill set. The problem is articles like this one. Men already orgasm easily primarily through regular penetration. Women do not.

    Instead of worrying about ways a woman can satisfy you, which is literally to do nothing but simply lay on her back, why not focus on your own sexual skills and how you can please a woman..?

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