R&Beef? Brian McKnight and Chris Brown Feud on Twitter



McKnight Desperately Attacks Chris Brown

In what may very well be another desperate cry for attention, Brian McKnight has gone on a Twitter rampage against two popular R&B singers. On Saturday, the adult mixtape crooner took to the social network to throw jabs at R. Kelly and Chris Brown after receiving flack for his latest X-rated track. As previously reported, McKnight has released two sexually explicit songs, “Ready To Learn (P—- Works)” and an anthem for YouPorn.com offering listeners graphic descriptions of intimate encounters.

Obviously not pleased with the reception of his songs, a frustrated McKnight aired out both Kelly and Brown on Twitter for their transgressions. “Since everyone’s so opinionated I’m taking suggestions on what I should do next I’m thinking rent a lambo and beat the s— outta my girl,” wrote the singer. Following that, he wrote a tweet seemingly hinting at R. Kelly’s alleged sexual encounter with an underage girl.

Never the one to ignore a diss, Chris Brown quickly responded and blasted McKnight for the sexually charged track that started it all.  “Listening to show you how that P works,” wrote Brown. “That s— is trash. If you need help just ask!” He later called McKnight irrelevant.


R. Kelly (@KellZodiac) has yet to respond.

Was McKnight right to call out Brown and Kelly? Or is he desperate for attention?–danielle canada


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