Kim Zolciak Being Evicted From Her Home?

Kim Zolciak may be living the good life with her husband and kids, but the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and her family may soon be living on the streets, according to the real owner of their home, Kendra Davis.

As Zolciak recently revealed on an episode of “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding,” she and her husband, Kroy Biermann, have been renting their Roswell, Ga., home from Davis and her husband, NBA star Antonio Davis, and even got married at their luxurious mansion.

During the show, Zolciak also revealed that she and Davis had a falling out due to Davis allegedly overcharging her for her decorating service and threatening to ruin her wedding. Now, according to RadarOnline, Zolciak’s lease ended on May 31 and Davis is in the process of evicting the reality star from her mansion.

Davis and Zolciak have apparently been embroiled in a heated Twitter battle over the situation, with Davis detailing her legal action against Zolciak.

“I would LOVE to compare Net Worth statements. but do people who live check to check have one?? Let’s do it!!” wrote Davis.

“I am not allowing anything to happen. Hence the lawsuit and they have been on notice to call Two Men and a Truck!” Davis added.

However, Zolciak denies Davis’ claims, saying she always promptly paid her rent.

“Too bad my rent has been paid each and every month on time … so now what?” wrote Zolciak, adding, “Oh! So now I dont pay my rent LMAO…Ppl will say anything for attention. I know if ppl weren’t paying me Id have a lawyer not twitter court.”

Clearly, this situation is not going to end well and with taping having already begun on the fifth season of “RHOA,” we’ll surely see this drama unfold onscreen

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